Winter Gardening Planner

It can be hard to find inspiration for gardening during winter, but it’s a great time to give your plants and garden some love – they will reward you for it when the weather warms up!

• It’s time to plant new Roses – a thick layer of straw at the base will protect the stems
• Feed winter vegetables with a good quality Soluble Fertiliser
• Spray water over frost sensitive plants before the sun hits their frozen leaves in the morning to prevent frost burn
• Indoor Plants need less water at this time of year, reduce your watering
• Use a selective weed killer to remove weeds in your lawn

• Plant or Transplant deciduous trees now while they are dormant
• Prune deciduous summer fruit trees including peaches and apples
• Control Sap-Sucking Pests like aphids & scale with White Oil
• Prune your roses! Make sure you use a quality saw and sharp Secateurs
• Feed Citrus Trees in late July
• Got Snails & Slugs? Control them with snail & slug pellets available from Garden Grove

• It’s time to get organised and plan your new vegie garden. Prepare the soil now!
• Get your tomato seedlings going indoors now, ready to plant outside when it warms up
• Give your indoor & outdoor potted plants some love by re-potting into fresh potting mix
• Give everything in the garden a good feed now and top up your mulch