Monday 7th April 2014 saw an invasion of Macks descend on Garden Grove. Four new Mack Granites and one new Mack Trident were delivered by the fantastic team from South Central Trucks Mack. The new rigs were delivered in record time thanks to Branch Manager Darryl Smith who pulled out all the stops to ensure GGH had their trucks up to spec and on the road in the shortest possible time frame.

The four Mack Granites carrying the Gold Bulldog on the bonnet are equipped with 500 Horsepower MP8 engines, mDrive transmissions and Mack Rear Axles on AL460 to pull 3 Axle Dog Trailers. The Mack Trident AF Rigid has a 535 Horsepower MP8 Engine, mDrive and Meritor 46-160 Axles on AP460 and is pulling a Quad Trailer, operating under PBS at 54.5 Tonnes.

The Macks have brand new graphics (courtesy of local designer Matt Bowering from Panagraphix), showcasing some of the latest ventures at Garden Grove. The fresh new look is turning heads on the road as the new puppies stretch their legs throughout metro area and regional SA.