Garden Grove Haulage began operating from its Golden Grove base in 1996 with just one truck! Over the years, the company has grown to incorporate a fleet of over 100 Bulk tippers of all configurations.  We can cater for any size job, from one off cartage to ongoing major contracts.

We are able to offer tailored Logistics Solutions to our customers, utilising our large and varied fleet of bulk tippers in conjunction with our Heavy Haulage Flat Tops, and Mining & Earthmoving Equipment. Load and Haul contracts of any size and duration are our specialty.

Our fleet covers every inch of Metropolitan Adelaide, Regional South Australia, and as far away as Perth, Kununurra, Darwin, Mt Isa, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne and anywhere in between!!  If your job is on Mainland Australia, we can help!

If your job has height restrictions or uneven ground making tippers unsuitable, we have Walking Floor trailers available with a capacity of up to 150 cubic metres, which are perfect for bulky products.

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Management Systems

Garden Grove Haulage operates under a suite of Management Systems designed to ensure that quality service, efficiency and safety are our top priorities at all times.

These systems, combined with the rigorous requirements of our NHVAS Accreditations offer peace of mind to our customers by eliminating legal, safety and efficiency risks.



Compliance & Enforcement Program

Garden Grove Haulage’s Compliance & Enforcement Manual outlines policies and procedures that Management and Staff must follow during day-to-day operations to ensure they are operating within the law at all times. Areas included in the C&E manual include;

Mass – procedures to ensure that vehicles are loaded within legal limits

Load Restraint – procedures ensure that every load is legally restrained; this section also includes procedures to eliminate any risk of product contamination.

Dimension – procedures to ensure that vehicles are only travelling on roads which they are legally permitted to.

Fatigue – procedures & checks to ensure that every driver is operation within legal driving hours, Work Diary records are maintained and regularly checked.

Speed – procedures to ensure drivers are operating within legal speed limit

Maintenance – procedures to ensure vehicles are maintained to an exceedingly high standard


National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme

All Garden Grove Haulage Vehicles and Employees operate under the National Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Modules; These accreditations require strict compliance standards and record keeping, and regular internal monitoring in addition to external Audits every two years/


Maintenance Management

Ensures vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly and to an exceedingly high standard. All vehicles go through a Daily Inspection prior to heading onto the road to ensure roadworthiness at all times. Fault Reporting Procedures guarantee that all vehicle faults (no matter how minor) are recorded, acted up on and closed out in the shortest possible time.


Mass Management

Road Trains, 25m and 19m B-Double combinations and Single Semi Trailers are accredited to operate on approved roads at higher mass limits. The system requires that all axle weights are recorded on every load, along with details of the route travelled.

BFM – Basic Fatigue Management

All of our drivers have been inducted into this scheme and are operating under our accreditation at all times. This ensures that our drivers are trained in managing fatigue, operate within legal parameters at all times, and are certified as being medically fit to drive a heavy vehicle.


Work Health & Safety

Workcover Registration No: 18212808

All employees are trained and operate under the Garden Grove WHS Manual in accordance with the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act, 1986.

A detailed set of Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all equipment/regular tasks are issued to employees on commencement of employment as part of their induction process. Refresher courses are conducted in these SOP’s on a regular basis and new SOP’s and training are issued as appropriate when new equipment/tasks are introduced.


Risk Assessments & Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Garden Grove Haulage generates a “Risk Assessment” to all major works, specific to each contract. Sites are assessed for possible risks and Control Measures are generated for each risk to assist in the minimisation or elimination of any possible risk. A Job Safety Analysis is created, based on the Risk Assessment carried out. The JSA covers all issues listed in the Risk Assessment, including PPE requirements etc, and gives employees detailed guidelines on how to safely undertake the task at hand. Employees are issued with copies of the JSA and provided with training in all details of the analysis. Employees are required to sign off to confirm their understanding and intent to follow the processes listed.


Driver Training & Site Inductions

All Garden Grove Haulage drivers have successfully completed (or are currently undergoing training in) Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport). This two year traineeship has a strong focus on safety and correctly following procedures. It ensures our drivers have a high degree of professionalism and a strong safety ethic.

Drivers undergo regular training sessions, to cover new Risk Assessments, JSA’s and Safe Operating Procedures, as well as refresher inductions to keep important issues fresh in their minds. Site inductions are also undertaken by all employees involved in a contract as per the requirements of the contract/customer. These inductions may include internet based sessions, and or on site practical demonstrations.


Quality & Environmental Management Policy

All employees are trained in following our company Quality Management Policy and Environmental Management Policy, which provide generic procedures to ensure the natural environment in any work area is protected and Quality is maintained at all times. Employees are also required to view copies of any Environmental Policies and/or Quality Policies that pertain to specific projects. These policies and codes include those issued by Garden Grove Haulage, and those issued by our Customers. Quality Management Plans are also issued by Garden Grove Haulage for all major contracts. These plans included detailed sections on job specific procedures to ensure Quality is maintained. All Staff are trained in these Plans prior to commencement of the Project.

If you would like more information about our Management Systems, please do not hesitate to contact us at;

Phone: 08 8251 9910